Founded in 2013 by designer Roxanne Ash , ReMArk has the only design firm in the city of Cleveland offering organizational services, space planning services, and Interior Design services


We love interior design, who doesn't! But we recognize there is a growing need in today's overly possession centric culture to simplify. We know that decluttering can be overwhelming and we strive to give home and business owners the tools they need to live a functional, organized path. We can help you decide what to keep, donate, sell or discard, but the ultimate decision should be yours. We understand that decluttering can be an emotional process: Our mission is to make the process easier for you. 

Some services like paper management just work better when the client is involved. Even if your vision involves ongoing, occasional sprucing, your initial input is valuable in helping us identify a system of organization that works for you once we've left your project. Going through items together will help understand how you live and work, and the outcome will be the best layout and improved functionality of your space.


Sometimes we’re not the right fit for the job, and thats ok! When it comes to organization, the process almost always has to be collaborative; and that can be a very personal process! The Consultation is our way of determining whether we can provide you with the precise service that you need. If we don’t have a service that fits your needs, we’ll be the first to point it out.”
— Roxanne