Why Working a 9-5 Kills Organization At Home

I know Im not the first mother to experience the end of day crash. Your alarm wakes you up at 5:30a and you hit the snooze button for the next half hour before you finally will yourself out of bed. In the shower, you run through your mental list of the task that await you throughout the day. If your anything like me, 85% of what's on your mind is work related.

7:30a-8:00a get child(ren) off to school. 8:30a-9:00a commute to work. 9:00a-9:30a debriefing with staff. 9:30a-9:50a answering emails. 9:50a-10:30a client project maintenance. 10:30a-4:30p appointments. 4:30p-5:30p wrap up emails, client call backs, prep for the next day. 5:30p-6:00p commute to pick the child(ren) up from school. But it doesn't stop there. 6:20p-7:00p prepare and serve dinner. 7:00p-7:15p dishes. 7:15p-8:00p look over homework, read bedtime stories, put child(ren) down for bed. 8:00p-8:30p Prepare for the next day. 8:30p fall asleep amidst a pile of laundry only to wake up in it at 2:30a unaware of how long you've been knocked out.

Then within that rigid schedule, you must fit the parent teacher conferences, doctors appointments, interviews with after school childcare providers and back up providers. You may get vacation time, but 75% of it will go to your best friends wedding and the other 25% to her bridal shower, both destination events. When do you have time to move the appliances and clean behind them, declutter your kitchen cabinets and shelves, deep clean the furniture, strip the floors and re-polish them? Mend your children's school clothes or figure out what does and does not fit them? The weekend? HELLO!! Thats your time to catch up on sleep.

But you don't catch up on sleep. You go to basketball and little league games, birthday parties and church. You do the laundry for the second time that week and grocery shopping too. Call your insurance provider? nope. They're closed on the weekends. Your HR benefits provider, sorry, you've gotta fit that in sometime Monday to Friday 9-5, central time. I have a credit card I still haven't activated because I don't have time to during the day, and they apparently close their operations at 5:00p sharp (Thanks Ann Taylor).

Im sure two parent households have a bit more ease in these situations because Mom and Dad are a team. But I know more than one married mom or dad that are just as burnt out as I am. 

I have found however, great relief in the plan. Those times I threw out above is absolutely how my work week goes. And yes, I may fall asleep in my laundry from time to time, But my reward is seeing my happy 6 year old off to school with all she needs, well adjusted and prepared. When I wake up in the morning, my attire is laundered and pressed, my lunch is packed and ready to go, my keys and purse are where I put them the night before and my car has gas to get me to a job that pays the way for me to do what I love.

In my profession Ive also learned the value of help. I am the master of many things, but their are always things that someone else can do better. Its the power of delegation. There's value in asking a few good professionals to take some of the strain out of my to do list, and probably do a better job than I would. 

There's no shame in having a service clean your house once a month, And not everyone can hem clothing so that it doesn't look like it was done by the blind. Work is stressful, coworkers cross boundries, but imagine closing your eyes for a second and remembering that fuzzy slippers and satin sheets are waiting for you at home, fluffed and awaiting your aching, tired bones. AND... there are no dishes in the sink.