ReMArk has provided professional organization and interior design services to the North East Ohio Region since 2013.



We design comfortable and livable homes for families of all shapes and sizes. We access the contents of the home,  providing sub-services like identifying and clearing out clutter, then work with our clients to create storage solutions that work well for the family.



We design interiors for commercial spaces. Studies have shown that thoughtfully plan work space increase employee production. Whether you need design for administrative spaces, restaurants or storefronts, we can deliver.



Guest accommodations on any scale, let us provide the five star treatment. We'll walk you through the details, from flooring materials to fabric choices. We'll explore design styles that make the statement your looking for and we'll leave mints on the pillow when were done.

Warm Design For A Warm CEO


The process of redesigning this gem began with understanding what the space needed to do to function for its occupants. We spoke to the client and asked a series of questions about what the space was used for and who would be using it. We put together a floor plan based on those activities, cleared the space and then brought back in everything that was essential.

The featured space serves as a meeting and working space for the CEO of the company. We created a functional filing system, an area for meetings, sit-downs and presentations, and finished off the space with personal touches that spoke to the personality of its occupant. What we accomplished was a space that's warm and inviting, but also professional and streamlined.



"Couch Surfing" Has Gone High End


Today we are experiencing an influx to the number of people who prefer the alternatives to hotel stays. Cleveland is a wonderful example of this, with the success of sports teams and winning the bid for venue to host the Republican National Convention, bringing tourists, public officials and developers to the city in droves, many having to find alternative housing because of booked to capacity hotels. Local developers realized they had an opportunity to capitalize on the notability the city is experiencing. It didn't take long for city residents to capitalize as well, on their homes. 

Hosting an out of town guest, or "home sharing" as its come to be known, is one of the fastest growing industries of today. Success in this industry is based on the experience you can provide for your guests and they're willingness to recommend you to their friends and family when they return to their town. To create a great experience, you have to provide great digs!



"Nesting" Should Be Fun, Not Stressful


During pregnancy, the overwhelming desire to get your home ready for your new baby is a biological urge human mothers share with birds and many other maternal animals. The "nesting" instinct is strongest in the later weeks coming up on delivery, and with everything else that runs through the mind of an expectant mom, the stress can effect us negatively.

We pride ourselves in the detailed approach; we take the "nesting" off of the to-do list. We consider everything from sharp edges to furniture mounts, and anything else your little one could be hurt by down the road. It is an old wives' tale that once nesting urges begin, labor is about to come on, but don't worry mom, we've got your "bump".