Cluttered counter tops can make any space look run down. Even if the space is filled with quality materials, ketchup packets and mail everywhere will make the space feel unkept. Removing everything from your counters except the things you use everyday will streamline and finish your room. In the example above, the homeowner loved the look of open shelving, but you should keep in mind your lifestyle when considering open shelving in your design plan. You simply must maintain order in an open faced shelf, or your space will automatically feel cluttered. So keep this in mind and remember, theres no shame to needing doors on your cabinets.

Take it to the next level by investing in stylish kitchen organizing products, choosing materials that enhance, like copper containers or wooden drawer dividers. You can get more cabinet real-estate by hanging pots and pans from a wall or ceiling rack. A little can go a long way, and when its done you'll have piece of mind and know the exact location of your Tupperware lids.



Before and After One.jpg
If my office is disorganized, then so follows my life. Ive never been one for garish accessories, but a few pretty organizers and perfect placement of office supplies, and I could take on the world with tenacity.
— Roxanne Ash

Studies by researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute and published in The Journal of Neuroscience found that clutter in view of your work cause your brain's attempt to complete task to compete with your eyes stimulus of what they see. As a result, the brain and the eye conflict with each other and prevent you from seemly completing tasks. Basically, if there's too much to look at, its hard for your brain to tell your hands what to do next.

Bring in some stylish organizers and create a place for everything. In the process of clearing out, you may find you have more things and items than you need, like duplicate pieces of mail or multiple sticky notes. Take this opportunity to pair down and simplify and you'd be surprised how much reclaimed space you can unearth.



A few tweaks to this room brought it forward in time to a place of rest and comfort. A bed skirt updates the bed in a cost effective way, while a soft patterned rug brings coziness underfoot. Often that old saying "Neutral wall colors know best" is misunderstood to mean that beige and taupe are the only neutrals that exist. In the above example, the beige wall color was really doing nothing for the light in the room, not to mention the California shutters that blocked the light, leaving the lamps in the room to fend for themselves.

We said goodbye to those shutters in this example, updated the lighting and choosing a soothing gray for the wall color to assist in a retreat like feel. A large mirror above a new, up to date dresser adds to the update. Both the wall color and the mirror help bounce the natural blues present in daylight around the room, making it appear much brighter. Its no small thing that the TV was also removed, a cardinal sin for most designers when it comes to a bedroom. It was replaced with a plush chair to encourage activities that are relaxing, like reading. Adding a floral arrangement and some sheer window treatment finish the look.

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